Photographing Your Jewellery

There are many reasons as to why you may wish to photograph your jewellery, and they are explored below. Not only will they be of benefit if you are robbed, but you can also use the photos for home decor, mixed with exciting pieces from the BGA store.

For Insurance Purposes

It’s a sad fact of life that at some point, you may be burgled and lose your precious possessions. Having a photograph of your pieces, along with a valuation, can be of great benefit when claiming your insurance policy. It shows that the claim is not fraudulent and can speed up the process. The police will also find the photographs useful in tracing and identifying your stolen jewellery.

To Create Artwork

Even if your pieces are not valuable, they can be miniature artworks in themselves, especially when it comes to costume jewellery. You can photograph your necklaces or earrings and then look for a stylish photo frame at BGA, a web store renowned for its luxurious products. You could also seek out a matching mirror for the ultimate home decor. To show off your photos in style, you can also find specialised picture lighting at the BGA store.

To Impress Your Guests

Once you have taken the pictures of your jewellery, you can add them to a gorgeous photo album for others to admire. The BGA store has a vast range of options, and you might particularly be inspired by a coffee table album. These look particularly attractive, and your visitors won’t be able to resist picking them up. You can let them know that the BGA store was where you purchased it, so they can do the same.

So, once you have the photos in hand, head to the BGA store where you can order your own poster, created from your favourite jewellery images. You can select the size and the frame to suit any room in your house. You will always have pleasure looking at your jewellery photos, and a stylish touch to your home at the same time.