When Not to Clean Your Jewellery at Home

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, jewellery, like any other item, undergo wear and tear. From dust in the storage to dust and oil on your skin, there are lots of factors that can tarnish your jewellery, however resilient it is. And, it is also possible that some chemicals, makeups, and hairsprays can ruin the shiny nature of your jewellery. That is why proper care and cleaning is essential. While some jewellery items can easily be cleaned at home, it is not always proper to clean your accessories yourself. So, when should you hire a professional jewellery cleaner? Well, here are some instances when a professional is absolutely necessary.

The first one is when you don’t know what a suitable cleaner is. While a soap-and-water method is the safest and most common way of cleaning jewellery, this method is not effecive in all cases. In such cases, you will need another cleaner, which you may not know how it will reach with your jewellery item. Instead of spending time seeking other people’s opinion and searching the internet, you may want to entrust a professional who understands which cleaners work with your stuff and which ones don’t. Other instances when you should not clean your jewellery at home include the following:

  • When you want to clean a delicate jewellery item, such as a watch, as water can easily get into the mechanical parts of the watch, causing damage.
  • When you cannot effectively clean your items because they have dyed or glued components.
  • When you don’t have all the necessary equipment needed to do the job yourself (e.g. appropriate cleaner, soft brush, etc).