How to Care for Diamond Jewellery: the Do’s and Don’ts

If you have any diamond jewellery item, it is because you treasure it, and that is why it is paramount to care for it, so it maintains its original look and value. This can be achieved by doing certain simple things while, at the same time, avoiding others. Call them the do’s and don’ts if you like.

Do: Keep Your Jewellery in a Safe Place

Now, you won’t be wearing your jewellery 24/7. There are times when you must remove and store them. Just be sure the storage is clean and well guarded from elements such as dust and smoke. Remember, if you’re someone who has lots of jewellery items, it is possible that you can wear your accessory only once a month. So, you will want to ensure it is safe in the storage box or any other space you have chosen as your storage. And while diamond is hard, you may still want to store it separately from other items as it could potential get scratches.

Do: Remove Your Jewellery When Applying Certain Skincare Products

Accumulation of your skin’s natural oils can cause your diamond accessory to look grimy or dull, and so is dirt or dust. However, some skincare products, such as hairsprays lotions, perfumes, and sunscreens can make things worse. When applying these products, they leave behind residues on your jewellery, making it dirty and dull. Thus, it is advisable to always remove your diamond jewellery during the application of these products.

Do: Clean Your Jewellery with Water and Soap

Water and soap are gently used on your jewellery, yet effective. Make foam with soap and warm water, soak in the diamond for a few minutes, and gently brush off dirt with a toothbrush. Rinse with clean water and allow it to dry.

Don’t: Clean Using Harsh Chemicals or Abrasive Material

These could include bleaching cleaners, window cleaners, and glass cleaners. These cleaners tend to bleach or scorch your metal, leaving behind a dull look. The use of abrasive brushes and other materials are also discouraged.

Don’t: Wear Your Jewellery While Sleeping

Don’t be surprised to wake up only to find that your necklace is cut. That is very possible if you’re sleeping with it. Sleeping with your jewellery could also cause scratching, leaving your piece with a dull look.