When You Should Not Wear Your Jewellery

It is difficult to help loving an item as sentimental and beautiful as such jewellery. However, you don’t have to wear this treasure all the time, and this boils down to proper jewellery care, which should be everyone’s responsibility. So, when should you remove your jewellery?

When Sleeping

This is just common sense. No one is there to see you in wearing your jewellery when you are sleeping, so it is only reasonable that you remove it to avoiding causing damage and slow down wear and tear. Necklaces, bracelets, watches – I mean virtually every jewellery item could easily get damaged during sleep due to pressure exerted on it.

When Taking a Bath

That soap can leave behind residue on your jewellery item is not a secret. Over time, that will leave your accessory with a dull look, prompting you to throw it in the dustbin. God forbid!

When Swimming

Water is dangerous to your items and can go with it. For instance, cold water causes your body to shrink, setting your, say, ring loose. Needless to say that water can go with your necklace or bracelet, especially if it is a big one.

Other situations when you should not wear jewellery include when exercising, cooking, and cleaning.