Jewellery Mistakes to Avoid

That many people, especially women and celebrities, like to embellish themselves with classy pearls, golds, and diamonds is no secret. In fact, jewelleries have been in existence since time immemorial. Read the bible (and you don’t have to be a Christian to do this), for instance, and you will find that Aaron asked the Israelites to remove all their jewellery items, which he threw into the fire, and out of there, came an idol image. Now, that was several millennia ago. However, people make mistakes when using these items. It is best to avoid these mistakes if you want to look great in your accessory. I would call it jewellery etiquette.

Jewellery Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

While it is normal for anyone to be obsessed with their diamond, gold, or silver, it is noble to avoid mistakes when using these precious accessories. Here are the mistakes to avoid:

  • Wearing a necklace that does not match your neckline
  • Wearing earrings that don’t match the style of your hair
  • Wearing a bracelet or ring that is too big for your wrist or finger (they can easily drop off)
  • Wearing jewellery that is inappropriate for a certain occasion
  • Wearing jewellery that does not match your outfit